Partner/Affiliate Agreement


In our quest to expand our reach and enhance our marketing efforts, we welcome potential partners who are eager to join forces as valuable allies in our journey. These potential partners are envisioned as esteemed third-party entities with a shared vision for success, possessing expertise and resources that can synergize with our objectives. As we seek to bolster our brand presence and maximize our market impact, we recognize the pivotal role these partners can play in amplifying our message and connecting us with new audiences. Together, we envision forging strategic alliances that transcend traditional boundaries, fostering mutual growth and prosperity in the dynamic landscape of marketing. Join us on this exciting venture as we harness collective strengths, seize opportunities, and chart a course towards unparalleled success in the realm of marketing innovation.

Contacting us

If you're a third-party entity interested in exploring collaboration opportunities and joining forces with us to drive mutual success, our contact form serves as your gateway to initiating the journey. By utilizing our user-friendly contact form, potential partners can effortlessly reach out to us to express their interest and kick-start the collaboration process. Whether you're an affiliate marketer, a digital agency, or a brand looking to expand your reach, our contact form provides a convenient and efficient means of communication. Simply provide your details, along with a brief overview of your expertise and objectives, and our dedicated team will promptly review your inquiry. We welcome all inquiries with open arms, and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to explore how we can embark on a fruitful partnership together.

Terms and termination

We recognize the value of fostering partnerships that align with our goals and objectives, whether they are short-term or semi long-term in nature. We understand that each partnership is unique and may require flexibility in terms of duration to accommodate varying needs and circumstances. As such, we are open to entering into agreements with potential partners for short-term collaborations aimed at specific projects, campaigns, or initiatives. These short-term partnerships allow us to leverage our collective strengths and resources to achieve targeted goals within a defined timeframe, while also providing the flexibility to reassess and explore new opportunities as they arise.

Additionally, we are equally open to establishing semi long-term partnerships that extend beyond immediate objectives and encompass ongoing collaboration and support. These partnerships may involve more extensive projects, joint ventures, or strategic alliances aimed at driving sustained growth and mutual success over an extended period. By committing to semi long-term partnerships, we aim to cultivate strong and enduring relationships with our partners, built on trust, transparency, and shared values. We believe that such partnerships have the potential to yield substantial benefits for both parties, fostering innovation, driving market expansion, and creating lasting value for our respective stakeholders.

Marketing and promotions

Marketing and promotions are integral components of our growth strategy, and we are highly interested in collaborating with partners who share our passion for innovative marketing initiatives. We recognize the power of strategic marketing efforts in expanding brand visibility, attracting new customers, and driving revenue growth. As such, we are eager to explore partnerships with third-party entities that specialize in marketing and promotions, whether they are digital agencies, influencers, or affiliate marketers. By leveraging the expertise and creativity of our partners, we aim to amplify our brand message, reach new audiences, and differentiate ourselves in the competitive marketplace.

We are particularly interested in partnering with entities that can offer unique insights, creative strategies, and proven tactics to enhance our marketing efforts. Whether it's through digital advertising, content marketing, social media campaigns, or other promotional activities, we are committed to exploring innovative approaches that resonate with our target audience and drive measurable results. Through collaborative brainstorming, strategic planning, and coordinated execution, we believe that our partnerships can unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the dynamic landscape of marketing. Together, we can elevate our brand presence, engage customers on a deeper level, and achieve our collective goals of driving sustainable business growth.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights in and to the DialRabbit service, including but not limited to its design, software, features, functionalities, and content, are and will remain the exclusive property of DialRabbit. Users acknowledge and agree that they do not acquire any ownership rights by using the service or accessing its content. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, modification, distribution, or exploitation of DialRabbit’s intellectual property is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. By using our service, users agree to respect and uphold our intellectual property rights and to comply with any applicable intellectual property laws and regulations. DialRabbit reserves all rights not expressly granted to users under these Terms and Conditions.

Governing law

In any contractual agreement, including our partnership and affiliate agreements, determining the governing law is a legal necessity to provide clarity and resolve potential disputes. The governing law clause establishes the jurisdiction whose laws will govern the interpretation, validity, and enforcement of the agreement. At DialRabbit, we recognize the importance of this provision in ensuring consistency and predictability in our relationships with partners and affiliates. By specifying the governing law upfront, we aim to provide a clear framework for resolving any legal issues that may arise during the course of our partnership. Additionally, this clause helps to mitigate the risk of conflicts of laws and ensures that all parties are subject to a common set of legal principles and standards. Through careful consideration and consultation with legal experts, we select the governing law that best aligns with the interests and objectives of all parties involved, promoting fairness, transparency, and certainty in our contractual relationships.

- DialRabbit Team -